Matthew Olian has been working with hot glass for the past 15 years. As a child, Matthew had a fascination with crystals and minerals. He was captivated by the concepts of transparency and refraction of light. The idea of manipulating such properties eventually led him to the art of glassblowing... 

Matt began his quest for glassblowing knowledge by taking classes at The Corning Museum of Glass. He enrolled in the first of many classes when he was only 16 years old. Matt was hooked from day one! Armed with a basic technical foundation and boundless inspiration from several mentors, Matt then delved into the world of glass and began developing his artistic vision. He spent countless hours at his home studio in southern New Jersey perfecting his skills.

In 2006, Matt’s pursuit of glassblowing knowledge led him to the island of Murano, Italy where he studied with some of the world’s most respected and talented artists. That experience allowed Matthew to hone his glass skills and completely redefined the way in which he approached working with glass.

Matthew has been a featured artist at numerous fine art shows and has received Awards of Excellence for his unique works. His art can be found in galleries and private collections throughout the world. Even after 15 years of experience, Matthew continues to expand and perfect his skills by interacting with other artists and training with master glassblowers. As a result, Matthew has continually refined his glassblowing skills and has developed highly distinctive style.

Matthew has traveled extensively and his art has been inspired by the natural beauty which he has experienced throughout those journeys. He believes that nature’s shapes and patterns represent art in its purest form. Matt is deeply committed to interpreting these natural forms in his glass art. He attempts to subtly reflect nature’s beauty in every piece that he creates.